XLR (Pack of 10)

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For long-range asset identification, the XLR RFID tag provides exceptional read distances in a sleek, compact, and durable package.

Engineered for use on a wide range of surfaces including metal, wood, and most plastics, the XLR tag has been designed for outdoor and industrial environments and can withstand repeated exposure to vibration, weather elements, salt sprays, and other demanding conditions.

The XLR offers over 100’ of read range on metal and over 65’ on other surfaces. The XLR tag is a cost-effective alternative to active tags for applications including military asset tracking, cargo and container tracking, construction equipment, yard and fleet management, and pallet tracking.

The XLR provides excellent response in both the US and ETSI frequency bands, so it can be used to tag assets that travel all over the world.

This tag is sold in packs of 10. 

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