Sentry Duo (Pack of 10)

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Extraordinary mounting flexibility in a highly responsive, compact and cost effective RFID tag.

The Sentry Duo is the third generation of Vizinex’s highly popular Duo tag. The third generation tag improves read range by 25% with no increase in footprint or price. Unlike many UHF RFID tags, the Duo functions well on both metal and non-metal surfaces, making it a flexible option for tagging all of the assets in your portfolio without concern for the material the tag is mounted on. In addition, the Duo gives you the flexibility to hang the tag, when a flat surface is not available for mounting.

Standard on this tag is our ViziCore construction, which provides a very high level of impact and vibration tolerance. The tag survives repeated exposure to temperatures up to 185° C. The tag is also resistant to a very wide range of chemicals and has an ingress protection rating of 68.

This tag is sold in packs of 10.

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