Sentry 2505 (Pack of 10)

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Extraordinary read range in a small, cost effective RFID tag.

Improvements in RF chip design and Vizinex’s expertise at matching the new chips to highly efficient antennae, is reducing the footprint and cost of high performance RFID. The latest generation of the 2505 boosts the read range by 30% with no increase in footprint or price. The Sentry 2505 is only 25mm (.98”) long, 5.3mm (0.21”) wide and 2.4mm (0.093”) tall but delivers 10-12 feet of read distance when mounted on a metal object. If the object has a long thin configuration, like many hand tools, the read range can be even longer. This small and inexpensive tag can take the place of older tags with much larger footprints.

Standard on this tag is our ViziCore construction which provides a very high level of impact, vibration and temperature resistance. The tag is also resistant to a very wide range of chemicals and has an ingress protection rating of 68. Like other Sentry products, the Sentry 2505 can be upgraded to tolerate over 1,000 autoclave cycles.

This tag is sold in packs of 10.

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