10326 Outdoor Pallet (Pack of 10)

Regular price $21.00

The 10326 Outdoor Pallet is a waterproof RFID tag for tracking non-metal containers and assets in outdoor environments.

When you need to locate bins or pallets of material in your warehouse, manufacturing floor or yard, the 10326 tag from Vizinex is your solution. Providing 6m (19.7’) of read range in a low-profile, tough package at an aggressive price, the 10326 Outdoor Pallet tag is the ideal partner for your RFID data gathering system. You can mount the tag with the provided adhesive or with screws. For a modest additional charge, the tags can be labeled with barcode or human readable information so that the assets can be easily identified when an RFID reader is not available.

This tag is sold in packs of 10.

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