Sentry Slim (Pack of 10)

Regular price $30.00

A quantum leap in the performance of our most popular mount on metal tag.

Improvements in RF chip design, and Vizinex’s expertise at matching the new chips to highly efficient antennae, is improving the performance and reducing and cost of RFID. The Sentry Slim is the third generation of Vizinex’s most successful mount on metal tag. The new generation is exactly the same package as its predecessor, but packs 25% more read range with a price that is the same.

The tag has a low profile, just 2.8mm tall, and a relatively small footprint of 36mm x 11mm. Despite this small package, it provides a read range of 19-21’ when mounted on metal objects. This product solves many problems for those needing more read range when tracking assets like IT devices, weapons, tooling, construction equipment and other metal assets. Like all Sentry branded products, it is built on a robust platform that will tolerate repeated exposures to temperatures up to 185° C, vibration, impact and exposure to many chemicals. The tag boasts an IP rating of 68. Like other Sentry products, the Sentry Slim can be upgraded to tolerate over 1,000 autoclave cycles.

This tag is sold in packs of 10.

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